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Sandy update

Hi everyone! Just checking in to let you know that I'm totally fine. I live far enough inland that we didn't get hit with the worst of the storm (the city is completely flooded). My brother and his family, who live in New Jersey near the city, lost power last night, but they have a generator so they're fine (his biggest concern was that they don't have cable or internet so they have to resort to watching dvds. *GASP* XDD). So everyone is safe and there was no real damage done (my brother said there were a ton of downed trees in his neighborhood, but none hit the house or cars or anything). All we got around here was crazy wind and some rain.

So I just wanted to let you know that I'm okay. :DD I hope everyone else in the storm's path is doing good, too. And now, back to my never-ending pile of homework. *headdesk*
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is it still called a brotherhood there's one sister?

Hello, all! I hope everyone is doing well, I miss you all. ;___; Sorry I haven't been on much lately, I've been super busy with school and working weird hours and sleeping a lot. XD If I missed anything important that you want me to see, please link me. My flist has been flooded with big bang posts, which, yay more fic (that I don't have time to read XD), but it makes it hard to find actual posts. :/ I haven't written much of anything lately besides stuff for school, but I have a few plotbunnies rolling around in my head, so hopefully once the semester is over I can get something down. Next semester (which will be my last one before I graduate again, wowee!) will be much less crazy. I should be doing homework now, but instead I'm going to dick around on Tumblr and then rush to do it tomorrow before my sister's Halloween party. Good life decisions. XDD

Anywho, the reason for this post is to give you guys the link to a blog I'm now a part of! A friend of mine started a blog of general geekiness over on Wordpress with a few of his friends. They went to Comic Con and promoted the hell out of it, and it now has a pretty big following (Kevin Smith even favorited one of the posts, aksgakgjkasgs). He told my sister he was looking for a girl-geek to join the fray, and she immediately thought of me. XD So, I am the first and so far the only female writer on the blog. It is called The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks, I go by Lady Lumos, and I get to write about basically anything I want. :D I posted my first article today on Aaron Paul's new movie deal, an adaptation of the Need for Speed video games, which you can read here. And since Aaron has been known to tweet his fans back, I tweeted him the link. And then promptly had a heart attack. XDD No word back from him yet even though I am checking constantly, what.

I might do a Halloween article if I have time before it's actually Halloween. And I can't wait to cover all the Hunger Games news once we start hearing more about Catching Fire. I might even throw in some Supernatural blogging at some point.

So yeah, feel free to follow the blog, follow us on Twitter, friend us on Facebook, tell your friends/relatives hide yo kids hide yo wife, and just enjoy the geekiness. :DD

That is all for now. I'll post some pics of my Halloween costume soon. Have a great weekend, everyone! If you're on the East Coast with me, stay safe from the Frankinstorm, please. *huggggs*
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can we just take a moment

to squee about tonight's Parks & Rec? If you watched it, you know what I'm talking about. The noises that I made...probably pierced the ears of all the dogs in the area. XDD I won't say anymore in case anyone hasn't watched it yet...but the comments are free reign for squee and spoilers. :DDDD
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Purgatory theme song!

I don't know if anyone else has realized this or cares, lol, but this one track on the new Mumford & Sons album is perfect. (BTW, I really apologize to those on the f-list who aren't Supernatural fans...because that is all I talk about lately. I can't help it, THE NEW SEASON IS JUST THAT GOOD, AHHH. XDD)

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Yes, sometimes I listen to angsty songs and cry because Dean Winchester. XDD
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you're a silly goose

I'm doing like a million things right now, but I thought I'd share this little snippet of a text conversation with my boyfriend. He was talking about some British political thing he watched.

him: the Labour party is the equivalent of the Democrats here
him: yeah I'm sure my use of Labour with a u turns you on
me: oh it does

XDD That is all. Now back to rp-ing, watching the Yankees playoff game and having a heart attack, eating popcorn, and reading Redemption Road.

Ilu all and I miss all your faces. I promise a real update soon, but my life is kinda uninteresting and bogged down in homework at the moment. <333
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SPN- my rough and rowdy ways


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Feel free to squee/hug/whatever in comments, but just FYI I am avoiding the spoilers for this season because I want it all to be 100% fresh. So please don't drop anything that you might know! :DD
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SPN- road tripping


FOR SPN TONIGHT. XDD Partly because I just finally got caught up on Redemption Road and OW OW IT HURTS. ;_____;

Not my smartest move, reading emotionally distressing fic right before a season premiere. OH WELL. XDD

SO EXCITED!! Wearing my SPN shirt and everythiiiiing. *thumbs up*

Might do a reaction post later. I can never live-blog an episode because I miss things. XDD

Oh and I realized that I didn't get NEARLY as much pre-season-8 fic written as I had wanted to. Oh well. Not like that's gonna stop me from writing dirty dirty purgatory porn. :DD
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basically my life right now in a nutshell

me: Oh, I'll just hop on Tumblr real quick while I eat, then once I'm done I'll get to my homework.
*five hours later*
me: ...is the sun coming up again?


And that is literally all I have time to post right now. Hopefully soon I can give you something real, lol. Oh and I haven't forgotten about the last 2 prompts from that meme, I'll get to them too.

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Emma Watson- cute


I will get back to the rest of your prompts tomorrow, promise! <33

I'm going to be busy for the rest of the day because I have a BUTTLOAD of homework to do (you'd think I would've learned not to wait til the last minute...OH WELL), and then I'M GOING TO SEE FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE OH GOD. SO EXCITED.

I'll be sure to tell you all about it. Love you alllll!! <3333
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SPN- smirky Dean

quick and dirty meme

Stolen from princess_aleera, who has the best ideas. <3

Prompt me a character(or pairing) and an AU setting, and I'll give you three sentences or more :D.

Pretty sure you all know my fandoms by now. XDD If I can't write something I'll just ask you for another prompt. Go, go, go!