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Happy November!


I'm trying to update more, see? :D I hope everyone had a spooky Halloween. Thank you so much to auntmo9 for the v-gift! You are lovely. *hugs* I'm going to another Halloween party on Saturday, so after that I'll post some pics of my costume(s). I was planning on wearing my Mintberry Crunch costume again, and I have all the stuff to make my boyfriend's Mysterion costume (from South Park, lol, I know it's really obscure). But this afternoon I hit up the Halloween store down the street since it's all on clearance, I found a really cute Harley Quinn costume! Of course I bought it, and got a few things for the boy to be the Joker if he wants to (but I couldn't find a green wig or purple jacket for it, so idk, it's not a great Joker costume really...but I think with the makeup it'll be recognizable anyway?). So now I'm debating what to be for Saturday. I already wore Mintberry Crunch once, so I feel like I got it out of my system (plus everyone else who was supposed to be in the Coon And Friends with me flaked out on the costumes, except for the boy but I'm making it for him, so he doesn't count, lol). Ugh, I dunno. Conundrum. XDD Maybe I'll take a picture of the Harley outfit and you guys can help me decide. I never wear a "sexy" costume on Halloween, but Harley is half-sexy-half-nerdy, so. XDD

Oh, also found at the Halloween store on clearance was an awesome District 12 t-shirt, which I snatched up. I was hoping for some more Hogwarts house knee socks, but they were all gone. I only have the Hufflepuff ones, but I want to collect them all, lol.

That's all I got for now. I'm working on your prompts from yesterday, they'll be up soon! And you can still leave me one if you haven't already. <333
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