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We Have To Go Back -- LOST fic-a-thon!

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~*~ RULES ~*~
* Leave prompts, fill prompts!
* Example prompt: Richard/Miles--roadside attractions
* Fills may be as long or short as you want! There are no deadlines, fill as many prompts as you like! If someone else already filled a prompt you like, go ahead and fill it again!
* Please leave only one prompt per comment.
* All ratings are allowed. Please include a rating in the top line of your fill, so people can avoid ratings they do not wish to read. Edit: As far as I can tell, I still have subject lines on this journal. If they're working for you, you can put your title/rating/whatever else right in the subject line. But if not, don't worry, just make it the first line of your fill, preferably bolded. Thank you!
* Invite your friends!
* As always, play nice and have fun!
LOST- I found Alpert

calling all Losties!

I was talking to the lovely joyyjpg and ilfirin_estel about how much we miss Lost, and we decided that a ficathon is in order! I know there are still some fellow Losties out there! I'll post it here this weekend, and I made a poll to see what day works best for everyone!

Poll #1916081 WE HAVE TO GO BACK

Would you write/prompt in a LOST ficathon?

Of course!
I'll prompt but I won't write.

What day should it be posted?

Thursday night
I don't care, just post the thing!

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New Girl- Jess


Is anyone still doing Five Acts? Would it be stupid to post my list so late? CAN WE HAVE A FRIENDS-ONLY FIVE ACTS?? XDD I think I'm gonna troll your journals tonight and try to write some for you, at least. <33

I'm still pretty exhausted from the 10 hour drive home yesterday, but Virginia was beautiful and the wedding was amazing and it was so worth the trip. I promise I'll do an actual RL update soon, things are going to be calming down for me A LOT once I graduate. I love you all and I miss you so much. *kisses*
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LOST- 1977


Why does it have to be Five Acts when I'm about to go out of town all weekend?? I CAN'T HAVE ANYTHING NICE. ;___;

I don't even have time to sign up for it before I go. But maybe when I get back I'll jump on and write some? I'M SAD. 
SPN- save me


Oh my god look, it's an entry! RL has been extremely hectic (long story short, I'm working three jobs and I'm in my last semester of grad school, so basically I want to die). But I'm here to talk about last night's SPN! I've pretty much given up on Tumblr for fandom-talk, because the wank is just too much and ruins it for me. So I'm gonna stick to you lovely people here on lj (who I miss terribly, just fyi) and say screw Tumblr. XD

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LOST- yayz


I know I'm never on lj anymore, but I swear I'll be around for this!


Assuming everyone knows how to play by now, but here's the links:
+ Sign ups
+ Masterlist
+ List of kinks if you need it

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For joyyjpg: found the place to rest my head--Supernatural, Dean/Cas/Sam, PG-- domesticity and touching.

For janie_tangerine: keep my love, my candle bright--Supernatural, Dean/Cas, R-- AU's (hooker AU and medieval/Game of Thrones-ish AU), Cinderella stories, names/address.

For ozmissage: moonlight and snogging--Harry Potter, Remus/Sirius, PG13--Big Damn Kiss


From janie_tangerine: SPN, Dean/Cas, road trips, pg-13.
SPN- Cas alone

beards and fairies

Sorry if you've already seen this on Tumblr/Facebook/EVERYWHERE, but here's the link to my latest blog post: Werewolves and vampires and fairies, oh my! Yes, it is about True Blood. This was my first "real" post (my debut article was pretty short, and my only other one was just a pimp of FandomAid), but there will be more coming soon. If you haven't been following it (or have been ignoring me, heh), we've been posting a beard a day for Novembeard, highlighting the best geeky beards. Some of them I didn't even know (the guys are all big comics buffs, and meanwhile I'm twirling around going "wheee~ I like wizards!" XD It's interesting being the youngest.). But today's is on Gandalf (I didn't write it though), and I have one scheduled for Friday on Castiel's Purgatory!beard. I'm hoping that throwing some SPN on there will bring in some more readers, because the fandom is so omgenormous.

Another fun article posted today, which we all wrote together, is on our Top 5 Geek Crushes. I had a lot of fun with that one, and some of the boys' picks surprised me. I very much enjoy being the only girl. XD

So, that is partly why I've been so busy lately. Also, school is crazy. Speaking of which, I need to go do some homework because I've been blogging all day instead. XDD

BTW, I promise I haven't forgotten about the Halloween prompts I have left to write. I'm getting to them, I swear. I love you alllllllll, really, and I miss your faces please go read my blog.

See y'all later for SPN squee, I'm sure. <333
Holmes/Watson sleepy

Happy November!


I'm trying to update more, see? :D I hope everyone had a spooky Halloween. Thank you so much to auntmo9 for the v-gift! You are lovely. *hugs* I'm going to another Halloween party on Saturday, so after that I'll post some pics of my costume(s). I was planning on wearing my Mintberry Crunch costume again, and I have all the stuff to make my boyfriend's Mysterion costume (from South Park, lol, I know it's really obscure). But this afternoon I hit up the Halloween store down the street since it's all on clearance, I found a really cute Harley Quinn costume! Of course I bought it, and got a few things for the boy to be the Joker if he wants to (but I couldn't find a green wig or purple jacket for it, so idk, it's not a great Joker costume really...but I think with the makeup it'll be recognizable anyway?). So now I'm debating what to be for Saturday. I already wore Mintberry Crunch once, so I feel like I got it out of my system (plus everyone else who was supposed to be in the Coon And Friends with me flaked out on the costumes, except for the boy but I'm making it for him, so he doesn't count, lol). Ugh, I dunno. Conundrum. XDD Maybe I'll take a picture of the Harley outfit and you guys can help me decide. I never wear a "sexy" costume on Halloween, but Harley is half-sexy-half-nerdy, so. XDD

Oh, also found at the Halloween store on clearance was an awesome District 12 t-shirt, which I snatched up. I was hoping for some more Hogwarts house knee socks, but they were all gone. I only have the Hufflepuff ones, but I want to collect them all, lol.

That's all I got for now. I'm working on your prompts from yesterday, they'll be up soon! And you can still leave me one if you haven't already. <333