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sickness + music pimpage

Can everyone stop making Swine Flu jokes at me? I am sick. It is from allergies. There's a flippin "pollen alert" in Albany right now. I don't have Swine Flu. The End.

Anywho, today was a very busy and stressful day at work, which was great for me being sick and all. We had to do a State Science Test with our kids, who get double-time of State tests, so they had up to 4 hours. We wanted to stick pencils in our eyes. It's so frustrating because the material is way over their heads and all we can do is read them the question. I felt so bad for them, they did their best, but learning disabled kids just can't handle State exams. Plz to be changing "no child left behind," Obama. It's (almost) all I ask for.

So I was supposed to hang out with my friend A-Z who's in town but he cancelled on me. Probably a good thing because I'm all snotty and gross today. I'd probably make him watch Metalocalypse or Pete & Pete so I didn't have to leave the couch, lol. I'm in my most unflattering sweatpants and I'm not going anywhere. XD

Not much else going on. I'm trying very hard to not make every post about Wedding Plans now, lol. But a few will sneak in, I'm sure. :P Speaking of the wedding, want to see a few vids of my soon to be brother-in-law's band? They rock. Anyone in the Albany area might know them, they're pretty big here as far as local bands go (they played on the main stage at Lark Fest!).

I know it was you who put sugar in my gas tank...Collapse )

Mkay, pimpage over. I should go eat something besides cough drops. My throat has been killing me since the weekend, and of course this is when I crave chips like crazy. Curse you, allergies! :(((


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